Artisan Pizza Makers, serving clients in Sevenoaks

How we provide you with the best tasting pizza

Our commitment to our craft that produces great tasting pizzas is almost legendary

Using Biga, that provides a complexity to our base, we combine high fibre italian flour and wheat husks, add extra virgin olive oil, together with just a pinch of sea salt - all in a process over four days of kneading and proving. This creates the perfect seat for locally sourced, delicious toppings.
As soon as we receive your order, we hand stretch and stone bake your pizza to give you a light and crispy base bursting with flavour that is healthy and delicious.

Always rated ‘Excellent’ by our customers on Deliveroo, we like to think we have got it right. Now it’s your turn to try.

We offer a 10% discount to new customers, if ordering via Deliveroo that discount is applied automatically, if you prefer to Click and Collect, please use code: FLAMING10.